A downloadable game for Windows

The remastered version of the classic PC game Hundens Vagga.

The original game was made by Fabian Sörensson and Nils Lundgren in 2011. This remake was made by Fabian Sörensson in 2018.

The source code can be found here.

NOTE: With high probability, both your browser and Windows will try to stop you from starting the game (since it is an executable). While I promise that the game is not malware, you of course run it at your own risk. If you want to feel safer, you may download the source code, check through it and build the game yourself.


Hundens Vagga Remastered.zip 47 MB


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Hi, very nice adventure, and thanks for the subtitles :D

I'm creating an adventure database, so I wonder if you may also publish the 2011 version of the game

Hi! Thank you, nice to see people finding this game and playing it. :)

I have no plans to publish the 2011 version. The original game was me and my friend's high school project, and since we were teenagers we didn't really know how to create a game. Thus, it might be a hassle to run it today.

But I wouldn't worry, since the original version is very similar to this. The major change is the addition of subtitles. Otherwise, the changes mainly consist of bugfixes and some minor updates to graphics and sounds to make the game easier to understand. And the whole code was re-written, since I know how to actually write software nowadays. ;)

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So i will consider only one game, thanks Fabian for the info

Sounds good! I would love a link to the database, when/if it's available online. :)

Ouch!! At the moment it's only an MS Access Database (started for personal purposes and to learn access), but other peoples asked me about an online version. I have to check on which site to upload it. Someone suggested me Internet Archive, but as per today I haven't taken in real consideration to upload it.
Anyway I'll inform you if and when this happens.

At the moment i can only export an Excel file and upload it

All the fields have Italian titles